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Perfect Fry PFA7200 Automatic Ventless Fryer

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Product Description

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The PFA series deep fryers minimize staffing requirements and preparation time while maximizing cooking capacity and efficiency - all in only 17 linear inches of counterspace!

Operation Modes
  • Rapid Fry Mode - Rapid Fry mode automatically begins cooking the next batch of food items when the preceding batch is finished. Minimum staff time, minimum handling, minimum preparation time - maximum efficiency. In this mode, a Perfect Fry PFA7200 can produce up to 90lbs of french fries per hour
  • Preset/Preset Locked Modes - Preset modes take the guesswork out of deep frying by allowing the operator to pre-program up to nine different food items into the electronics system. Simply choose the preset number that corresponds to the item you wish to cook.
  • Manual Mode - Operators simply load food products into the Rapid Fryer and enter the cook time to begin a cooking cycle. Operates as easy as a microwave!
Advanced Electronic Capabilities
  • Cook Time Sensitivity (CTS) - Ensures a consistent product by automatically extending cook times to account for significant drops in temperature.
  • Preset Counters - Monitor the amounts of up to nine different food products that have been cooked in the PFA Rapid Fryer.
  • Food Type Sensitivity (FTS) - Control the movement of the basket to ensure that all products are dispensed at the conclusion of the cooking cycle.
  • Stand-By Mode - Reduces power requirements during non-peak periods.
  • Dual Load Cook Cycle - Cooks two products with two different cook times simultaneously to reduce preparation time.
  • Hold Time Monitor - Monitors the elapsed hold time of finished products following a cooking cycle.
  • Vents or hoods are not required which means huge cost savings as a conventional hood and vent system can cost between $5,000 and $20,000!
  • Hood and vent systems require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. The cost to run this system for a year will offset the initial cost.
Virtually Odorless
  • All Perfect Fry models use patented HEPA-style air filtration technology.
  • The air is drawn up through the front grill over the oil vat and into the grease filter, removing the larger grease particulate.
  • The remaining grease-laden air travels through the HEPA style replaceable air filter cartridge, removing the remaining particulate.
  • The activated carbon eliminates any odors.
  • During EPA 202 air emissions testing, results showed the filter allowed only 0.039 mg/m3 of effluent into the air. That's well below the 5 mg/m3 limit.
Safety Features
  • Integral fire suppression with automatic and manual actuation.
  • Safety interlocks prevent the fryer from being operated improperly.
  • Tested and listed using the latest standards.
Compact Design
  • Perfect Fryers have the largest product output with the smallest footprint of any countertop deep fryer available today!
  • Measuring only 17"x16" at the base, it takes up less than 2 square feet of counter space and eliminates the need for costly renovations.
Easy To Clean
  • No other countertop deep fryer is easier to clean thereby saving you time and money.
  • All the internal components can be removed in under a minute.
  • Components are individually removable for easy cleaning.
  • Weekly cleaning can be done in under an hour.

Electrical Specs: Select correct product when ordering

  • Perfect Fry PFA7200: 240V 32A 1ph electrical power (THIS PRODUCT)
  • Perfect Fry PFA5700: 240V 26A 1ph electrical power
  • Perfect Fry PFA5708: 208V 29A 1ph electrical power
  • Perfect Fry PFA3750: 240V 18A 1ph electrical power

Heat output and cooking capacity will be decreased by using less than 240V 7600W electric input. This product ships without a cord and plug. Final electrical connection must be installed on-site.

See the Manufacturer's Website for more info.

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