What's going on with Perfect Fry filters???

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I bet that a lot of you out there are wondering what has been happening with the Perfect Fry filters. No longer is the filter so easy to find online, but there are a bunch of new filters that are popping up. Hopefully this blog post should clear up some of the confusion. Perfect Fry has stopped manufacturing the old Perfect Fry filter (part #2FV803) that is a single cartridge in a cardboard housing and started to make a filter kit (part #2FK001) that has two cartridges: one in a cardboard housing and one in a metal housing. A lot of you have probably also noticed that, unfortunately, this new filter kit is a tad bit pricier and probably are wondering, "Why change a part that seems to be working just fine, only to make me buy one that costs more?" The reason, simply, is that there are new fire codes and the old filter just can't meet those standards. Perfect Fry recommends that both parts of the new filter always be replaced at the same time, and as such we at Price Chef will only sell the kit that has both parts. For anyone whose Perfect Fry unit is still under warranty, the new filter MUST be used and not the old one. Perfect Fry cannot be held liable for users that choose to operate a Perfect Fry fryer unit without the new 2FK001 filter design.

You can find the new style filters here:

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